Our Services

A Balanced Strategy to Meet Your Needs

It is our commitment to build long-term relationships to help clients achieve financial success based on a time-tested, balanced strategy that includes expert financial planning and sophisticated investment portfolio management and development.

First... You talk, We Listen.

An objective picture of your financial circumstances is developed through our exploration process. Your desired lifestyle now and in the future, as well as what you would like to provide for your loved ones is discussed thoroughly.

Second… You receive a Custom Plan that provides Realistic Solutions

We prepare various projections based on your goals and circumstances. Recommendations are designed to fit your unique situation, and we strongly believe in providing realistic and achievable financial advice for you to follow. We help you determine the best path toward reaching your goals.

Your portfolio is designed to match your personal risk tolerance and your financial goals. We call it Goals-Based Investing. Beating the market or taking extraordinary risks is not our objective. Our objective is to help you keep your investments on target to reach your goals.

Your portfolio receives the benefit of a sophisticated, team approach to investing through the oversight, comprehensive research, and decision-making of our Investment Committee. Our Investment Committee meets regularly bringing a broad knowledge base, varied perspectives, and continuity of service as they regularly review the holdings in each client portfolio.

Our goal is for you to have a clear understanding of your financial health and a feasible plan for meeting your goals.

Third… You receive ongoing support; a long-term relationship!

We will follow up on a regular basis to discuss your plan, determine how you are tracking to meet your financial goals and make adjustments as needed. Each quarter you receive from us an easy-to-read investment statement illustrating all deposits and withdrawals, and outlining your portfolio performance.

Fourth... A Partnership for Success!

As we work together through the years, we can coordinate with your other financial professionals and allow you to focus on the important facets of your life that you enjoy most.


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We offer 401(k)s and other Employer-Sponsored retirement plans to fit your company’s needs.


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