Retirement Plans

Helping Your Business Help Your Retirement (and more)

Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans, such as 401(k) plans and profit sharing plans, may provide small businesses with tax advantages and can help to recruit and retain good employees. Businesses today can cost-effectively offer a plan through SHJ Wealth Advisors. Our SHJ401k platform allows business owners to create a 401(k) plan online and SHJ Wealth Advisors will provide ongoing consulting and objective advice.


Consulting Services

We believe that professional advice is paramount to the success of a good Employer-Sponsored retirement plan. Our consulting services can help you evaluate your costs and vendor relationships. Our objective is to help you understand whether you and your participants are getting the maximum benefit from your plan for a fair and reasonable cost. Also, for new plans, we assist with the plan selection and creation to ensure your plan is appropriate for your needs.


We audit your existing plan by:


Reviewing your current vendor’s structure and associated costs;

Analyzing investment fund costs including expense ratios, redemption fees, and revenue sharing arrangements;

Reviewing advisor services rendered and compensation paid; and

Determining costs for participant education and other services.

Interested in a 401(k) plan or profit sharing plan for your business? Or perhaps you just want to get a review of your current plan. Please contact Scott Brookes, AIF® for more information on our Retirement Plan Services.