We Work Only for Our Clients

Fee-Only Financial Planners, No Product Sales

Our transparent fee structure, with no commissions and no product sales, helps us serve you objectively to meet your needs. We believe our value (knowledge, expertise, customized advice and technology) far outweighs our fees.


Does The Value of an Advisor Affect Your Portfolio?

Research by Vanguard* and Russell Investments** have shown a potential for at least 3% in additional net returns produced by having an advisor who provides cogent financial planning, portfolio management, and guidance. In other words, having a financial planning firm serving your needs and paying attention to your goals and investments brings value that often can exceed the fees charged.

*Vanguard Research, 2014, “Advisor’s Alpha”
**Russell Financial Services, Inc, 2015, “2015 Value of an advisor: Once again, greater than 1%”

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