Meet Our Team

The SHJ Team

The SHJ Wealth Advisors wealth management team is comprised of multigenerational Certified Financial Planner™ professionals and financial specialists. Together, they bring the utmost expertise to help your financial plan thrive at all stages of life.

Financial Advisors

Our team of Certified Financial Planner™ professionals strives to be asset management and financial planning experts. They work together to build financial plans and investment strategies for our clients.

Lawrence E. Howes, MBA, CFP®

Lawrence E. Howes, MBA, CFP® has dedicated his career to focusing onbecoming an expert of the U.S. and global economies. Larry invests an enormous amount of energy to transform his knowledge into actionable information for investment portfolios.


Joel B. Javer, CLU, CFP®

Joel Javer, CLU, CFP® has spent nearly 50 years making complex financial information and investment strategies easy to understand. Joel shares financial advice with clients, colleagues, friends and even nonprofits.


Karlton D. Childress, CFP®

Karlton D. Childress, CFP® places a significant amount of emphasis on looking at the big picture when it comes to financial planning and investing. When clients have a good understanding at a high level, they are able to make confident decisions, worry less about finances and start enjoying life more.


Melissa J. Baldwin, CFP®

Melissa Baldwin, CFP® believes financial planning and investing should be understandable. She works diligently to guide clients to sound financial decisions over the course of their life so they can feel confident and secure in their finances. Melissa thrives when working on clients’ financial plans and enjoys helping clients to celebrate every time one of their goals is achieved.


Claire Schulte, CFP®

Claire Schulte, CFP® is passionate about marrying her clients’ vision for the future with a well-designed investment portfolio to make their vision a reality. She enjoys making complex financial topics palatable for SHJ’s clients. While Claire guides clients through the intricacies of financial planning at every stage of life, tax planning strategies are a specialty of hers.


Brad Conover, CFP®

Brad Conover, CFP® is passionate about helping people see a clear picture of their financial future and doing everything possible to help them achieve their goals. Regardless of a client's age or stage of life, Brad uses his wealth management experience to guide clients to grow their wealth through sound financial planning and investment management.


Bryon Geman, CFP®

Bryon Geman, CFP® is dedicated to transforming his clients' future visions into reality with expertly crafted financial planning. He specializes in simplifying complex financial concepts for SHJ’s clients, ensuring they feel confident and informed.


Cory Hassenstab, CFP®

Cory Hassenstab, CFP® enjoys helping people work toward a good life now and for the rest of their lives. His comprehensive, goals-centered approach to financial planning focuses on each client’s unique needs and circumstances. Cory guides clients through critical financial decisions with confidence backed by a detailed financial plan.


SHJ Specialists

Our group of financial specialists are tactical experts within the organization, serving unique roles that help streamline the entire wealth management process for all of our clients.

Scott Brookes, AIF®

Scott Brookes, AIF® knows most plan sponsors initially choose their 401(k) or retirement plan provider based on investments and cost. But he also knows their primary reasons for changing providers are administrative errors, employee communication issues, uncompetitive fee structures and lack of service.


Kerry Poorman

Director of Operations

Kerry Poorman thrives on the complexity of trading and technology. She is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve processes while also ensuring databases and programs are accurate and operating well.


Jessica Sare

Director of Client Relations

Jessica Sare is a continual problem-solver who thrives on implementing process improvements. Jess loves working alongside clients and helping to create solutions to the challenges they face.


Patrick Bressler

Business Development

Patrick Bressler is a seasoned business development specialist and the growth catalyst at SHJ Wealth Advisors. With over 18 years in the wealth management industry, Patrick understands how to craft strategies that empower advisors with the tools and expertise to attract and cultivate new clients.


Stephanie Shellenberger

Client Service Specialist

Stephanie Shellenberger understands the ins and outs of essential financial forms and documents and is diligent about simplifying processes for clients.


Amanda Harris

Client Service Specialist

Amanda Harris is dedicated to providing outstanding client service while getting to know clients. She is resolute about finding answers to questions and responding to requests efficiently and accurately.


Helene Luna

Administrative Assistant

Helene Luna knows the importance of organization and is passionate about keeping SHJ Wealth Advisors running smoothly. With over 15 years of administrative experience, she understands the unique challenge of juggling busy schedules, running an office and accommodating needs as they arise.


In Memoriam

Eileen M. Sharkey, CFP®

Eileen M. Sharkey, CFP® served as Co-founder and Principal of SHJ Wealth Advisors, until her retirement on December 31, 2020. Eileen was a pioneer in the industry and remained a dear friend of the firm until her passing on April 19, 2021. Eileen will be truly missed but never forgotten as her wisdom, kindness, inspiration, and impact will live on as we look forward to carrying on her legacy for many years to come.