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SHJ Insights: The Great Wealth Transfer

By May 24, 2022No Comments

An estimated $60 Trillion will pass to the next generation in the coming decades and it’s already begun. Do you have a plan to transfer your wealth? Have you communicated your intentions to your beneficiaries? Do your parents or loved ones have an estate plan in place? In this video, SHJ Wealth Advisors will highlight what an estate plan is, why you need one and how to communicate it so your wishes are carried out. We work so hard to accumulate, grow and protect our wealth that we sometimes neglect the final stage which is transferring wealth. Make sure you speak with your advisor about your plan and let them know if you need help communicating it to loved ones or beneficiaries. If you don’t have an advisor, schedule a discovery call with us so we can learn more about you and your situation. Here at SHJ Wealth Advisors we’ve been doing this for over 30 years. Let us help instill confidence in your tomorrow so you can enjoy today.

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