Story #1

Dan and Carol had been long time clients and sought out the expertise of Sharkey, Howes & Javer to assist them when they were faced with making an important decision about the disposition of their business upon retirement. Being long time clients, we had already developed a financial plan addressing their retirement goals and their options regarding the sale of their business.

Once Dan and Carol started receiving offers on the business we were able to illustrate for them the advantages and risks of each offer not only financially, but also how each offer may impact the lifestyle they desire going forward.

Story #2

Bruce and Kathy initially sought out SH&J to help structure an exit plan that would bridge the transition between running their business and “hanging up the hat” in retirement. As they worked through this process, SH&J discovered Bruce and Kathy were also managing the finances of elderly family members. Managing various accounts and properties in different states added to the stress of their daily grind.

In order to help make life simpler, Bruce and Kathy asked SH&J to manage their own investments, as well as the investments for their elderly family members. Now they can review everything together in one place and shift their focus back to the best way to transition into retirement.

These writings are provided for illustrative purposes only. An individual’s experience may vary based on his or her individual circumstances. There can be no assurance that SH&J will be able to achieve similar results in comparable situations. No portion of these writings is to be interpreted as a testimonial or endorsement of SH&J’s investment advisory services and it is not known whether the clients referenced approve of SH&J or its services.

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