Helene Luna

Administrative Assistant

Helene Luna knows the importance of organization and is passionate about keeping SHJ Wealth Advisors running smoothly. With over 15 years of administrative experience, she understands the unique challenge of juggling busy schedules, running an office and accommodating needs as they arise.

Helene is often the first voice our clients hear and she works diligently to create a warm and welcoming environment for everyone who walks through the doors at SHJ. Plus, she functions as the firm’s own search engine, ready to answer questions and fulfill requests. She is an essential asset to the entire team.

Before beginning a career in administration Helene was a professional actor and dancer who performed in over 200 productions throughout the United States. When she’s not holding the reins at SHJ you are likely to find Helene dancing ballet and enjoying time with her husband and two rambunctious cats.

Did you know…Helene has danced in front of 50,000+ as the Fire Dancer of Zozobra in Santa Fe.