Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Investing

ESG, short for Environmental, Social and Governance portfolios, are nothing new, but as investors are becoming more devoted to social responsibility and environmental stewardship, ESG 401(k) portfolios made their way into the mainstream as a more socially responsible way to invest in the future.

Investing in an ESG portfolio can build your wealth for retirement like a traditional investment does, but in a way that aligns with your own personal values. The companies that make up an ESG 401(k) portfolio have been screened to meet a certain set of non-financial indicators of their accountability such as pollution-reducing measures, diversity in hiring and transparency in leadership. As investors, these companies promote initiatives that benefit their communities and the world as a whole.

When you invest in an ESG 401(k) portfolio, your money is working to help make the world a better place. You take part in a bigger movement, helping to initiate positive changes in the causes you believe in.

The Causes You’re Supporting

Affordable Health/Rehab Care

Nobody should have to decide between seeing a doctor or putting food on the table. Our ESG portfolios contain stock in companies that serve low and moderate-income people and their communities with affordable healthcare services and rehabilitation facilities.

Disaster Recovery

A natural disaster can upend entire communities with effects that may take months or even years to fully recover from. Our portfolios contain companies that lead disaster prevention initiatives and community development activities in disaster-prone areas to help make the transition back to normal life quick and efficient.

Environmental Sustainability

Rehabilitation of existing buildings, energy efficiency, renewable energy technologies, water conservation initiatives, and more measures to keep our Earth green and the environment healthy for generations to come.


The companies included in our ESG portfolios support a wide range of ethical programs including affordable housing, education, gender and racial equality, public transit, and much more.